Pergola and gazebo products are made through a unique process that turns high‐quality reclaimed wood fibres and virgin plastic resins into strong, moisture resistant pergola products. pergola and gazebo product is an environmentally friendly construction/landscape material manufactured with the latest technologies.

Resistance to weather conditions

our products are resistant to all weather conditions. easily maintain its physical characteristics without problems in sudden temperature changes. Waterproof and UV protection, all in one:.

Environment facts

100% recyclable and manufactured with reclaimed wood fibres. Our production process is economical in both energy terms and water consumption and does not produce secondary pollution. In a world where the environmental susceptibility is growing rapidly, wood composite looms large for outdoor landscaping applications as the optimum solution which companions with nature the best. Our product is an absolute perfect wood composite product, which combines advanced, innovative production technology with efficiency, environmental compatibility, and high quality.

مميزات الخشب الصناعي

  1. لا يحتاج للصيانة مقارنة مع الخشب الطبيعي الذي يحتاج صيانة سنوية
  2. مضاد للحشرات و أنواع الكائنات الحية التي تعيش في الخشب الطبيعي
  3. يعطي مجال واسع للابتكار في الأشكال 
  4. خفيف الوزن
  5. جرى اختباره في مختبرات مختصة لمعرفة كافة خصائصه و التأكد من صلاحية استخدامه
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