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Gulf International Tensile L.L.C. URAL DESIGN & SHADE STRUCTURAL in Oman and U.A.E.

we are specialist in tensile membranes which designs, manufactures and installs some of the most amazing and remarkable tensile structures in GCC and other part of MENA region. With state of the art technology and experienced high caliber staffs, we continue to realize most of the daring and complicated designs in this field. We continue to offer turnkey solutions in your most daring visions and remain to provide outstanding results.
As a specialized Steel & Fabric Contractor, we are very competent in constructing Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Factories, Petrol Stations, Canopies, Warehouses, and Tensile Shade Structures. We are very famous & considered expert in executing Fabric works for ROOF FEATURES. We are capable of executing any kind of project of Steel & Fabric Structures.
Our services include: Design, Supply, and Fabrication & Erect/Install. Our fabrication & Erection Department executes projects according to our QA & QC System Standards and our Engineering & Design Department are supported with latest Computer Aided System. At present, we have our operating factory for fabrication of Steel Structures TSF – 1 @ Rusael – Mesfah, Oman.
We are promoting effective use of steel as a construction material. Executing activities with precision and safety is our highest priority. We are following relevant standards and codes to sustain accuracy and quality of our production. Our welding procedure is pertinent to ANSI/AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Codes, and our painting system is as per BS 5493:1977 (Code of Practice for Protective Coating of Iron Steel Structures Against Corrosion).
Enjoying the service of qualified & experience Managers, Engineers, Administration Staff and Skilled Workers Gulf International Tensile L.L.C. is Capable of delivering the highest quality products to our clients within the time frame demanded. Equipped with the most modern fabrication facilities and extensive machine shops, we are capable of handling in house any complicated structure & specifications to consistently exceed our client’s expectations.
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