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The shade net is manufactured from knitted HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ). It is treated for u.v. radiation and is guaranteed for at least 8 years against u.v. degration. * See specification data.
All colours are pigmented with a light fastness of 7 to 8, which has the highest resistance to fading. The shadenet is guaranteed against fading. * See specification data.
The shadeports are designed to withstand moderate to high wind speeds, similar to conventional metal roofed structures. The specific windspeed rating of the shadeports can be adapted to comply with local conditions and building codes. The standard GITCO – Shadeport design is suitable for use in windspeeds gusting up to 90 km/h ( +/- 60 mph.) By upgrading the sizes of the steel tubing on the structure, windspeed loads of up to 192 km/h ( +/- 120 mph.) can be achieved.
Coastal installations have no effect on the shadenet. All metal components are hot dipped galvanised to relevant specifications and carry a similar duration guarantee to that of the shadenet itself.
 The shadenet is “lock-stitched” in order to avoid a run or tear in the material if accidentally holed. In the event that a shadenet is accidentally holed, your local GITCO – Shadeport agent will be able to repair small to moderate size holes in the shadenet on-site, without having to replace or to remove the complete shadenet.
GITCO – Shade ports can be supplied with shade net of various densities. The densities of the complete 
range of shade netting vary from +/- 20 % to 100 %. See the specification sheet on the various densities of shade netting we recommend for normal shade ports. The densities of the recommended single color shade nets vary from 70 % to 90 %, with an approximately corresponding percentage of water run-off.
The original application of the shadenet was to provide cover and protection against hail damage. GITCO – Shadeports are totally suitable for use against hail damage. Furthermore, the utilisation of GITCO – Shadeports against hail and sun damage should result in a significant reduction on your insurance premium in this regard.
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