What Is The Sap Hana Migration?

Many organizations have high volume of records system that have to be transferred during your move to S/4HANA. If you expect to move more than 300–million records, SAP and Answerthink recommend partitioning your data. To stay competitive, migration to SAP HANA is a must, but you can’t migrate until yourcustom ABAP code is HANA-ready. This is the biggest step on the HANA journey, but cleaning your code has long term value, as well as being essential for migration. He is a successful software industry veteran with over 20 years of executive experience, including as president at Ericom Software. Brian also held the position of Division VP at FICO and SVP of North America at Brio Software .

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French Enterprises Overcome Concerns About S/4 Hana.

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Released on Tuesday, a report from managed cloud services provider Syntax describes both the obstacles and the benefits seen by SAP customers as they move key resources to the cloud. A new implementation of SAP S/4HANA, also known as a ‘Greenfield’ implementation, enables complete re-engineering and process simplification. This approach lets organizations predefine migration objects and best practices. This will provide faster adoption but may come with more business disruption. In a situation where re-implementation is unacceptable because of time, cost, and or other parameters, a system conversion would be the best course of action. Migrating any custom code to S/4HANA is one of the more complex tasks in the conversion. During the preparation phase of a conversion project, an intensive study needs to be conducted to identify and assess the use of custom code.

The tips you have provided in your blog over conducting a successful data migration and overcome the challenges are definitely useful and should help in preparing matrix that can be used to monitor the migration process. The second added challenge that we were able to overcome – was to make sure that the migration to the SAP HANA database was done with performance in mind to prevent any future system downtime. “Cloud migrations are inherently complex, and SAP customers should expect challenges to pop up throughout the process,” Powell said. “There are several steps that customers can take to help mitigate these challenges and lower the overall risks.

Cloud Migration Assessment ​

The top two challenges among those who identified themselves as cloud newcomers were unplanned downtime and data migration, each cited by 43% of those respondents. The lack of a detailed cloud strategy was mentioned by 39% of the cloud newbies, followed by a lack of available training by 34%. Many times, this is broader than implementation, as they tend to require additional analysis to fill in knowledge gaps and retain the previous functionality.

Every transition in technology can present risks and challenges to the IT department and to the company as a whole, as it adversely affects normal operations. Any technical error or IT downtime can significantly increase productivity and profits, which can quickly mean a crisis of monumental proportions. In sap migration challenges the best of times, outages are costly and disruptive; and when they occur with SAP workloads, it will cost organizations millions of dollars. You will need to agree on a downtime window with the Business to minimize disruption caused by migrating your online production transaction system to a new platform.

S/4HANA uses SAP HANA to do that and then presents the data in an easy-to-navigate user interface, he said. Corruption and other validation issues related to data are not uncommon in most legacy systems. A related issue occurs when your data format differs between the old system and the new one. You can validate the dataset with a sampling, subset or complete record-by-record comparison.

Sap Hana Migration Challenges & How To Conquer Them

We have system wide tools, designs, and data migration Best Practice already in place for successfully accomplishing your data migration project. If your proposed data migration project involves migrating data from 1 or more systems, we already have not only a design that will work for you but the experience to back it up. Companies preparing for the move to S/4HANA can reduce their database size by 75 percent or more, simplifying the migration effort and lowering cost and risk. Engie Electrabel advanced their cloud strategy by archiving 27TB of information with Core Archive for SAP Solutions in preparation for the transition to S/4HANA. However, there are also certain challenges that Pros and Newcomers face alike. An alarming 47% of the study’s respondents reported that they face a shortage of in-house talent to manage their Cloud services.

sap migration challenges

It’s extremely likely that any migration will require fixes for tens of thousands of issues and although SAP Code Inspector can identify issues, it doesn’t help you manage the fixing project. In our recently published SAP Cloud Migration Services market analysis, NelsonHall estimates demand for these services will grow by 12% in 2021, compared to 5% growth for SAP services overall. This growth is driven by the need for tangible cost reductions in an uncertain economic environment as well as a goal of modernizing IT landscapes to position for the expanded adoption of new and emerging technologies. This deep relationship can provide SAP customers with confidence when they choose Red Hat products, knowing that the two companies work closely and collaboratively. In fact, in 2020 it was announced that Red Hat is working with SAP on its own internal Kubernetes container project. Red Hat and SAP share a long and strong history, with over 20 years of co-innovation.

Information Lifecycle Management

The client began its journey as a business imperative to migrate one of its lines of business from a legacy ECC instance. As part of the modernization and migration to S/4HANA, Infosys is also embedding predictive analytics and IoT within both warehouses and trucks. It is then using this as a spearhead to migrate the broader corporate SAP landscape to S/4HANA on Azure. The new applications and capabilities included within SAP S/4HANA will require some operational adjustment and potentially the adoption of new processes, not to mention a learning curve for users.

Oracle Autonomous Database can automate routine administrative and operational tasks for DBAs and improve productivity, but … The subject of industry accelerators is another issue related to an S/4HANA implementation. What we’re talking about here are not shiny new greenfield deployments, where the core elements of SAP S/4 HANA can be brought online within a timeline measured in months. New implementations – where an organization starts fresh with SAP, going from a greenfield state to SAP S/4 HANA. Do you have a strategy for ‘reconciling’ that all the data has moved to the respective target without any loss of either quality or quantity.

Five Biggest Challenges Of Sap S

People responsible for making those plans often fail to fully detail all the tasks to be performed sequentially and incorrectly assess the time and efforts it takes to convert the system. Gekkobrain is the only software for SAP that uses data to identify custom programs that create extraordinary business value and provides insight into all issues allowing for faster transformation, better performance and savings on cloud hosting. An example of a joint client project is one for a European automotive OEM.

Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. According to the insiderRESEARCH survey, this would largely mean the CIO segment (45%) and the IT department (39%). The CFO group (19%) and line of business (11%) are also considered key decision-makers in several cases. It is over five years now since the official launch of ASAP S/4 HANA. Everyone is expected to voluntarily move to this new technology by 2025, lest they be forced to embrace the new technological change by then.

“There’s going to have to be this movement in the customer base,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting. However, many current SAP customers could turn to other vendors to enable these capabilities. OpenText intends to acquire Zix email security technology to broaden its portfolio, adds developer tools and connects OneDrive …

sap migration challenges

It is important to monitor your application and database behavior under different loads. You will have microsoft malicious software removal tool to adjust many parameters to tune the application server processes and SAP HANA database performance.


This can come back to haunt you later, and lead to frustration within your organization if you have to re-do processes and extend the project timeline. The success of a conversion project is dependent on how thoroughly and carefully the source system is prepared, and that is closely aligned with the level of preparation and detailed planning your partner and project manager have done. Your conversion partner should provide you with a step-by-step checklist to work through and understand all necessary actions.

Since SAP S/4 HANA is still developing, organizations may have to update from time to time which can pose challenges to organizations with the predefined process. But all these efforts and money involved should be considered as investments rather than an expense. So, here are a few things to remember while choosing an IT partner for Migration. This cutting-edge update is poised to take Enterprise Resource Planning to the next level. Since its launch, it has continued to evolve over the years and that has prompted businesses to take a wait-and-see approach.

The new environment also provided real-time data via enhanced storage scalability, maximum system availability for its SAP financial system and a consumption-based pricing model. We are a global organization with experienced technology experts that will help in the installation of the SAP S/4 HANA and walk with you along the way to help you update your system when such challenges arise. Even though employee resistance may be an issue with the deployment of any SaaS platform, it is pronounced in case of SAP because of the extensive functionality of its business solutions. A typical SAP deployment offers everything from ERP to reporting to product lifecycle management and other industry specific features. They need to first educate users and then figure out the mix of add-ons and components which can deliver operational success after the move to the cloud without costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. This challenge looms as the first road-block to cloud adoption making the process seem unnecessary and cumbersome. A good example of lack of clear direction is embodied by the integration of SuccessFactors with the core on premise HCM platform.

Migrating to new technology is not a walk in the park, if it were, everyone could have already switched. Nonetheless, as experts, we urge that you make a move and switch to the SAP S/4 HANA now. SAP administrators must co-ordinate with trainers, change managers and even vendor CSMs to figure out a phase wise roll-out to test usability and expose employees to the SAP cloud ecosystem gradually.

Download Sap Bw Mindmap

Which tools are applicable or most beneficial to your situation depends on your specific circumstances and where you are ultimately trying to get to . Talked to Functional teams in advance and agree on the number of partitions for the transactional tables that need to be created while migrating to SAP HANA with their growth ratio in mind. You need to identify large tables in advance and plan a proper partitioning technic. This was very important in my case since the Business would not agree on a second downtime on the production system to maintain or tune the database after the migration was complete. Defined a robust performance monitoring schedule for your upgrade project plan.

  • Consider training to ensure that your organization’s system administrators can install, operate, and get the most out of your SAP products on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.
  • It’s important to be aware of all of the potential challenges you could encounter during an SAP migration.
  • This has allowed the organization to focus on business priorities like operational readiness by planning for prototypes, evaluation and testing new features during the pandemic.
  • If we consider the breadth of application instances, cloud services, add-ons, customizations, and enhancements that any typical enterprise project requires, it’s imperative to get an understanding of the company’s long-term goals at the start.

For Fortune 1000, downtime could cost $1 million per hour as per an IDC survey. However, the challenges of the migration to SAP S/4HANA solutions are not limited to this.

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